Notice of Rulemaking Hearing

Tracking Number2017-00173
Department700 - Department of Regulatory Agencies
Agency702 - Division of Insurance
CCR Number3 CCR 702-3

Rulemaking Hearing

Time03:00 PM
Location1560 Broadway, Ste 110 D, Denver CO 80202

Subjects and Issues Involved3-1-11 RISK-BASED CAPITAL (RBC) FOR INSURERS The purpose of this Regulation is to establish standards for the minimum capital and surplus to be maintained by insurers, captive insurers and fraternal benefit societies as provided by ยงยง 10-3-201(1)(b), 10-6-116, and 10-14-604, C.R.S. These standards provide for the early detection of a potentially hazardous or otherwise dangerous condition of an insurer in order to protect its insureds and the general public. This Regulation additionally provides for reporting, corrective measures, and enforcement actions available to the Commissioner.
Statutory Authority10-1-109, 10-3-201(1)(b), 10-6-129, and 10-14-604
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Contact Information

NameChristine Gonzales-Ferrer
TitleRulemaking Coordinator