State: Florida
1 Regulations
Agency:  Florida - Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Type:  Proposed
Citation:  68A-6.0072, 68A-6.0071, 68A-6.007, 68A-6.006, 68A-6.005, 68A-6.0042, 68A-6.0041, 68A-6.004, 68A-6.003, 68A-6.0025, 68A-6.0024, 68A-6.0023, 68A-6.0022, 68A-6.0021, 68A-6.002, 68A-6.0011, 68A-6.001
Description:  Minimum Standards for Premises Where Veterinary Medicine Is Practiced; Possession of Wildlife in Captivity; Permit Requirements
Register:  FAR Issue Vol. 44/No. 15 - 01/23/2018
Action Text:  Notice of Development of Rulemaking - Register Entry
Totals 1 Regulations
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